Dine Without Whine

"Take A Break, Mom, 'Cause We've Planned
One Week Of Meals And Grocery Shopping For You!"

Motherhood sometimes feels like an endless series of preparing meals, serving them... and then cleaning up! 

Let us do some of the work for you. Try Dine Without Whine's sample menu and grocery list below:

Sample Menu
Sample Grocery Shopping List

But before you leave...

"What Would You Do With A Couple Of Extra Hours A Week?"

Read novels, exercise, meet your girlfriends for coffee, watch a movie with DH, knit, or crochet or sew... You can do whatever you want with the time you'll save when you let us do the meal planning and shopping list making for you, week after week.

Plus, when you go food shopping with a list, you not only save time, you'll save money as well. 

With your monthly subscription to Dine Without Whine, you'll get the following delivered to your E-mail box every week:

  • dinner ideas and recipes for every day of the week, Monday to Sunday
  • two recipes for weekend brunch
  • two dessert recipes
  • a corresponding grocery list organized by shopping categories
Each recipe is kid-approved, healthyeasy to prepare, and uses only inexpensive ingredients.

Find Out What It's Like To Have
A Personal Meal Planner For Only 1





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